Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Val Jackson, MD, Chair of Radiology at IU
Lecturing to a rapt audience

Humor was infused into the lectures.  Cornelius looks like he's tearing up from laughing so hard.
Mary in the background, with her mid- morning tea and mandazi (fried bread)

Christine, our patient volunteer, who underwent numerous breast biopsies.

Agnes Ochako, part 1 registrar, learning the hand- eye coordination needed to successfully perform an US guided biopsy.
Looking on are Ashiale, Benjamin, Juliette, Cornelius, and Mary.

Val gives Juliette some pointers, as Daniel, Mary, and Victor look on.

Val, looking like she just won an Oscar for best performance:
Holding a soapstone piece gifted by Dr. Joseph Abuya. Soapstone comes from his native region, Kisi.

Keeping malaria at bay, with some good old G&T.
This was at Sanjeel, a fantastic Indian restaurant, on a Wednesday night, when the entire group of 30-50 people at the IU compound hits the town for dinner.

Checking out the medical student hostel across from the hospital.
Buckets for "showering" line the hallway.

An efficient use of space, with clothes drying in the stairways

I was grateful not to need to use this bathroom. 

The electrical network...
Seen over two doors facing each other. Each room was made by splitting a room originally intended for one person. Two students share a bunk bed in each of these split rooms, leaving room just to stand beside the bed, and a small desk.

With Steven, one of the 6th year medical students.

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