Monday, July 2, 2012


FairIt's a brisk 54 degrees, with 100% humidity, and I'm shivering in equatorial Kenya.

Hi there and welcome to my first blog! I am a radiology resident at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, beginning my fourth and final year of residency training.  I begin this final year by spending one month at Moi Teaching Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya.  For those of you that are less familiar:

I am here with the help of the Goldberg- Reeder Travel Grant, administered by the American College of Radiology.  I would like to extend warm thanks to them once again for their help in getting here.

My goals in coming here are to learn from, and hopefully contribute to the learning process in the Radiology Department at Moi.  Under the leadership of Dr. Joseph Abuya, the radiologists here have started what will be a four year residency program, two years ago. 

I dropped in on the department to look around yesterday afternoon, and plan to hit the ground runnning today.


  1. Barbara: We are glad you have made it there safely. We look forward to following your blog and learning more about your experience.

  2. Looking forward to following your blog during your time at Moi!

  3. This is awesome! So proud of you!